Bright and friendly cellars. Our window light wells are made of polyester reinforced fiber glass therefore they are durable and reliable.

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Our new generation of basement light wells is the answer to climate changes occurring today. The new design combines the benefits of standard light wells and innovative solutions being the results of the latest research. Two versions of light wells are available – a version with a waterproof closed bottom or with a special connector to the sewer system. Additional mounting rails and sealing kit allows for quick and easy installation to ensure water resistance.


  • Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), better than thermoplastic materials
  • The opposite of polypropylene (PP) and PVC
  • Resistant to deformation under the effects of high temperatures and frost
  • Exceptional life-period, no material fatigue
  • Permanent solution that does not require maintenance
  • As a standard, the grate covers the edges of the body from the top
  • Lattice grates with 30/10 openings are traversable by passenger cars
  • Available in a reinforced version for use in severe ground conditions such as clay soil or steep slopes
  • More than 40 different types and sizes allows you to select the optimal solution

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The patented design of the light wells protects the upper edge of the body, which is often damaged in systems of competitors. We have also managed to achieve a unique visual effect and a seamless connection to the adjacent surface, such as asphalt or paving stones. Because the grate protrudes over the upper edges of the body its thickness is significantly increased in addition to its weight. This causes our grids to be much more durable and longer lasting than the grates of other manufacturers.

Available light wells with edge protection

ruszt siatkowy doswietlacza ruszt kratowy 30 ruszt kratowy doswietlacza
Mesh grate
max pressure - 4.7 kN
Grid grate 30/30
max pressure - 6,2 kN
Grid grate 30/10
max pressure - 7,2 kN

Optionally, we offer a perfected system of level-raisers for our light wells, a system that is made for low basements and allows stepless level adjustment up to the ground level. Thanks to stepless regulation, our level-raisers do not require labor-intensive cutting. The fitting and assembly takes are done by moving the light well and bolting it at the appropriate height to the wall.

  • Stepless adjustment within the range of 7 - 31 cm, the level-raiser is slid above the body of the light well
  • It is possible to use two level-raisers on top of one another, but in this case one should use reinforced versions of the light wells and level-raisers coupled with reinforced frames. The minimum height in the case of 2 level-raisers is 38 cm.

Window light wells are also available in a waterproof version and closed at the bottom - absolutely leak-proof

  1. Waterproof version with a closed bottom of the body not connected to the sewage system.
  2. Version with a special connector to a DN 50 sewage system and plug.

doswietlacze okienne piwniczne doswietlacze piwniczne okienne

Water-tightness is achieved through the use of a gasket at the point where the light well body and wall connect. The water-tightness of the light wells was confirmed by research at the Materialforschungs und Prüfungsanstalt Leipzig institute. It should be noted that waterproofing is not possible with the use of level-raisers, and waterproof light wells should be mounted directly on the wall. In the case of waterproof light wells, it is necessary to use additional accessories, such as a special set of fasteners and sealing materials.

Among the accessories for basement light wells we offer:

  • sewer connectors,
  • light well cover made ​​of stainless steel, ensuring protection against dirt such as leaves, as well as from rodents and insects,
  • galvanized emergency ladders for light wells with a width of 150 cm and wider.


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