Automation is designed for sectional and canopy garage doors. Drives move along the rail with the gear rack. The power can be adjusted and the drive has a smooth start and stop function (for sectional doors) and automatic closing. The smooth start and stop function for sectional doors means that the mechanism starts gently and stops gently. In practice, this means smooth and quiet door operation, efficient opening and closing without unnecessary jerks. Automatic closing is a self-activating closing of the garage door after a set time, without user intervention. Power control is the ability to set the optimum power needed to operate the gate. If resistance is encountered when closing the door, the door is stopped and returns to the open position.



The drive includes:

  • actuator
  • control unit
  • two remote control transmitters with a changeable code
  • LED indicator lights
  • rails with gear rack

Two-channel transmitters (remotes) - that is, one transmitter can open both the main gate and the garage door. You can also order a four-channel transmitter.


naped bramy garazowej

Additional equipment may include:

  • emergency power supply (allows the drive to work in the absence of main power supply)
  • radio receiver (can program more transmitters)
  • unlocking the automation from the outside (additional lock)
  • a set of photocells
  • combination lock
  • GSM control system

The automation can be used in garages with or without an additional entrance. This way, in the event of a power failure, the door can be opened using a special unlocking lever, from the outside with an additional lock mounted on the door wing or by using an emergency generator. The device can work together with photocells.

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