Industrial sectional doors with standard drive are equipped with a special three-phase compact actuator integrated into the door. This solution allows you to adjust the door to the individual needs and requirements of industrial halls and warehouses. By replacing traditional springs by a modern power drive, the garage door can perform a greater number of cycles - up to 100,000! The drive used ensures long life and ease of operation. An additional advantage doors is their quick and easy to installation, and no extra charges for doors with non-standard guide rails.


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  • available in standard and custom dimensions - doors with standard dimensions. This allows architects to plan the dimensions of the door, which the customer purchases at a good price as a standard door. Sectional doors are custom made, the size is adapted to the existing opening. Doors are available in sizes ranging up to 8000 [mm] in width, and up to 5000 [mm] in height

  • warm - the heat transfer coefficient for the sectional door is Uk = 1.0 W/m2 x K.  To ensure good thermal insulation of the room, the door is equipped with a system of gaskets on the periphery and seals between the panels. The wing is made of steel segments 40 [mm] thick, filled with polyurethane foam

  • safe – the doors are made in accordance with European norms and standards. In MakroPro and MakroPro Alu doors safety is guaranteed due to safety mechanisms preventing spontaneous lowering of the wing in the event of cord or spring damage. In sectional doors, the actuator is equipped with a low-noise, self-locking worm gear and a gripping device that prevents the door from lowering in the event of loss of power, regardless of the speed, direction of rotation or positioning of the mechanism. This self-monitoring device has very good damping characteristics at the moment of gripping. For all types of Automatik drive doors, the following hardware applies: photocells, photocell light curtain, edge safety strip sensor, signal lights, etc

  • convenient - convenient operation doors is provided by using one of several door opening methods: cord transmission, chain transmission or compact actuator with "up-stop-down" control box. In sectional doors a compact drive with an "up-stop-down" switch is used. Optionally, you can use a combination lock, magnetic card reader, a remote control, etc. The modular design of the control mechanism allows you to connect other devices working in tandem with the door, e.g. automatic car-wash

  • strong and durable - the door components are made of galvanized steel (guide rails, fasteners) or galvanized steel sheet metal and coated with polyester paint (panels). The wing is made of segments 40 [mm] thick. Long-term use is guaranteed thanks to high-quality panels available in several versions: full steel segment, steel segment with glazing, aluminum segment with glazing. A special multilayer sheet metal folding system is used in the segments which provides stable mounting of hinges

  • smooth and quiet - roller bearings, along which the wing of the door moves in the guide rails, slide along ball-bearings and are coated with plastic, sliding along the hinges. This system provides smooth, quiet and stable operation of the door.
  • versatile and well equipped - the possibility of adapting the type of door, and the type of installation to the requirements of industrial halls and warehouses is guaranteed by a choice of several basic types of guide rails. Sectional doors can be installed in any environment and in any room.

toma bramy przemyslowe

toma bramy przemyslowe


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The large, glass surfaces of aluminum MakroPro doors provide great opportunities for a total utilization of daylight. At the same time they have high performance levels required of industrial doors. The possibility of using scratch-resistant No-SCRATCH glass for glazed profiles further improves the attributes of using these doors.

No-SCRATCH plastic glass is coated with a special coat giving suitable strength. This material is resistant to scratching and many chemical substances. Since the reinforced coat layer displays excellent adhesion, there is no risk of damaging it during cleaning. The No-SCRATCH profiles in MakroPro garage door products are protected from the harmful effects of the sun, keeping the same light permeability for many years.

The No-SCRATCH scratch-resistant glass can be used in all aluminum doors: MakroPro Alu, MakroPro INVEST (VISUAL version also available) in double glazing units.
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