Pergolas in Poland are associated with only one use - as a roof for garden restaurants.

This is in contrast to Western and Southern Europe, where small pergolas are often used for home terraces, roof gardens and even large balconies.

toma markizy pergole

To meet these new trends, as well as wanting to extend the already short terrace season, we've introduced a line of new products and accessories:

  • trattoria – a small pergola (5x5m) with a very reliable design
  • front beam supports - allow you to use the awning during stronger winds
  • amaretto bis - lateral screens at a new, better price
  • light and sound panel - allowing the illumination of the terrace space under an awning while playing music from a built-in MP3 player
  • radiator (terrace) - allows extending the terrace season by about two months per year.
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