The windowsill overlay is designed to renovate old windowsills, such as terrazzo. It allows you to cheaply and quickly change the appearance of old windowsills. Its installation can be done independently and very easily.

Like PVC interior windowsills, they are made of durable materials that provide their users:
  • resistance to scratches, impact and abrasion due to high-quality foil
  • resistance to water, moisture and water vapor as well as UV radiation
  • resistance to household cleaning agents (easy to clean)
  • stability of profile (shape and size) - high mechanical durability
  • easy installation.

toma parapet renowacyjny


The color range of windowsills can meet the expectations of customers by matching their wooden and PVC windows as well as all types of interiors. We offer interior renovation windowsills in white, marble, golden oak, beech, apple and walnut.

parapet nakladkowy wewnetrzny kolorystyka toma parapet renowacyjny
toma parapet renowacyjny


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