Roller doors are an excellent choice for those who appreciate comfort and convenience. Roller doors are standard garage doors that come with a remote unit, equipped with a switch. With vertically running panels and a lack of ceiling guide rails, after installation the door takes up very little space in your garage.


toma bramy garazowe roletowe

toma bramy garazowe roletowe

toma bramy garazowe roletowe


  • automatic - the use of an actuator ensures comfortable operation. The basic roller door set comes with an electric drive - at no extra charge. Operation is by means of key-operated internal and external switches. By ordering an additional remote control, you can safely and comfortably enter the garage regardless of the weather. In the event of a power failure the door can be opened manually with a crank

  • economic – the appropriate level of interior lighting and energy savings in a dark room (e.g. in a garage with no windows) can be obtained by mounting glass in the door profile. The lower chamber seal, brush seals on the guide rails and a seal fastened to the lintel ensure less heat loss in the garage

  • safe - user safety is guaranteed by the use of photocells, an emergency brake and optical security strip - thanks to such mechanisms, door operation is strictly controlled. The emergency brake is installed as a standard in all gates over 9 m2; smaller doors can be additionally equipped with a safety brake as well

  • durable - long-term use of the door is assured by the use of high-quality aluminum - a corrosion-resistant material.

Desiring to satisfy the demands of our customers, we've expanded our garage roller doors offer by introducing new colors and additional lamella widths. Garage doors come in many different colors - white, light brown, dark brown, golden oak, dark oak, light blue, light gray, silver, dark gray and dark blue.


toma bramy garazowe roletowe

toma bramy garazowe roletowe

toma bramy garazowe roletowe

toma bramy garazowe roletowe


Roller doors take up minimum garage space under the ceiling, and thanks to compact design (vertically rolled panels, no ceiling slides) are ideal for garages with small dimensions and short driveways. Roller doors are equipped with an electric motor with an internal wire switch and an external key-operated switch. The gate can be equipped with a photocell remote control set, slates with illumination fissures or vents. Panels made ​​of aluminum slates guarantee corrosion-resistance, and the use of freon-free polyurethane foam as a filling, provides additional thermal insulation.


brama rolowana   

The roller door box allows you to leave free space under the ceiling and thus increases the usable area of ​​the garage.

The aluminum profile is available in colors which perfectly fit the tastes of our clients and aesthetically fit into the color scheme of the building. The doors also include safety features in the form of blocking hangers and an inertial brake.

There is a possibility of installing roller doors with glass profiles or ventilation openings, which will supply the garage with light and provide air circulation. The gates comply with the requirements of the European Union.


colors of roller gate


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