We're now introducing composite windows with a Super Spacer frame for our windows and wooden and aluminum doors offer. The Super Spacer internal window frame is a new ecological solution, tightly sealing the entire window frame, making it very well protected against heat-loss and outside noise. The frame is made from porous silicone foam which allows more usage possibilities in comparison with warm frames. It achieves greater thermal and acoustic performance and is therefore the best internal window frame on the market.

Increased thermal insulation               

Research by IFT Rosenheim has shown that the heat transfer coefficient for the entire window can be reduced to as low as 0.2 W/m2K through use of glass with the Super Spacer frame.

Increased tightness                        

Thanks to the three-stage seal on the Super Spacer frame has an outstanding barrier against the penetration of moisture to the interior of the window panes and the leakage of gas to the outside.

Better resistance                                

The Super Spacer frame is even more resistant to mechanical and weather conditions thanks to its tight sealing and automatic mounting to the glazing unit over the entire length. This means that the Super Spacer frame glazing unit is more resistant to breakage and unsealing.

super spacer


Increased durability                           

The Super Spacer frame thanks to its high degree of elasticity adopts its shape to the changing dimensions of the glazing unit due to temperature changes. This means that the joining of the window frame to the glazing is stronger and remains tight longer.


Due to the automatic method of mounting the frame it is straight and aligned parallel to the glass. The Super Spacer frame is highly resilient to UV rays so the color will remain unchanged longer. The Super Spacer frame is black which allows it to match any color joinery and additionally gives the optical illusion thanks to which the frame is “invisible”.


super spacer


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