What is a "warm frame"?

At the edges of composite glass units, between the individual glass panes there are special profiles - "frame spacers". This creates a space between the panes filled with noble gas or air, constituting a key function of thermo-insulating windows. As a result of the use of frame spacers, a linear thermal bridge of a significant length is created: metal profiles allow warmth to freely escape outside, around the perimeter of the entire window in the areas where the panes are connected to the frame. This effect has not only a negative impact on heat balance within the building, but also leads to the cooling of the glass surface temperature inside the room at the edges of the glazing. When the glass surface temperature drops below the so-called dew point, condensation drops are formed in this space – and a reduction in the comfort and levels of hygiene is often reported by users. Apart from the dangerous health aspects on the residents, if condensation drops form for a long time, it may cause damage to the window frame.

Condensation on windows is formed at low temperatures at the edges of the glazing. By applying SGG SWISSPACER the risk of water vapor condensation is clearly reduced compared with aluminum spacer profiles. In the case of wooden windows, using aluminum spacer profiles condensation occurs under the same temperature conditions starting of -1°C outdoors. If you use SGG SWISSPACER V, the process starts at an outdoor temperature of -10°C.

SGG SWISSPACER is a spacer profile thermally optimized, made of organic material reinforced with fiber-glass with excellent insulating properties. Extremely thin foil from aluminum or precious metals provides both sealing for the filling gases and water vapor as well as excellent adhesion of all sealants. The SGG SWISSPACER frame is mechanically and thermally resistant to constant temperatures of up to 100°C.
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