Pressure vents maintain a constant air flow regardless of the pressure difference inside and outside the room, for example due to a gust of wind. The inner part of the diffuser has a damper (flap) regulating the air flow. With an increase in air velocity the flap moves limiting the size of the inlet opening. A constant amount of air flows through the pressure vent at all times.


toma nawiewniki cisnieniowe toma nawiewniki cisnieniowe
toma nawiewniki cisnieniowe


  • No possibility of condensation of water vapor on the windows and lintels - result in a mold-free environment
  • Low cost of thermal energy as compared to normal opening or tilting the window and cracking them slightly (especially when using automatic vents)
  • Thermal comfort in the rooms - no feeling of "draught" on the lower parts of the body (as with tilted windows)
  • Modern, automatic and permanent ventilation system
  • In comparison to the total cost for annual removal of mold from the walls, the one-time expense for the vents is not a high price to pay and pays off after 2 years of use.
toma nawiewniki cisnieniowe toma nawiewniki
toma nawiewniki cisnieniowe toma nawiewniki cisnieniowe


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